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Ice Machine Maintenance in Houston

The ice machine is a food producing piece of equipment and yet they seem to be forgotten when it comes to maintenance and cleanliness.  Ice machine are encased in panels so most persons do not see the internal condition.  Once the panels are removed and the ice machine "food zone" area(s) are exposed you might be unpleasantly surprised.  


  Ice machines tends to create ideal growing conditions for mold spores and yeast cells.  Once they find there way into the cool, moist area of the unit they begin to grow into what we see ... slime.  Though non-toxic, you do not want to find it dangling in your ice water or soda.  It will also have a not so pleasant taste and odor.   If there is slime in your ice machine its time to start getting the unit maintained on a regular basis.  The average ice machine service should be performed at least once every three months.  Higher slime concentrations are found in ice machines located in bars and bakeries do to the high amounts of yeast in beer and baked goods. Consider getting a free quote on a service call or a Routine Maintenance Plan.

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    Another common problem found in ice machines is the build up of scale or lime.  This is nothing more than the minerals in water clumping together. These minerals are left behind in the ice machine and accumulate in resevoirs, orifices, and sensors.  Eventually causing poor production, poor control operation, and can lead to a down ice machine.  Again the average ice machine service should be perform at least once every three months.  

Ice machine maintenance is an important part of business.  Routine attention can help you keep a handle on cleanliness and potential issues.  Below are other reasons to join.

Ice Machine Maintenance Program
  • Four (4) routine service calls per year
  • Discounts on the ice maker(s) repairs
  • Discounts on other location equipment repairs or services
  • Priority Customer Care
  • Improved Equipment production and efficiency
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Ice Containers / Ice Bins Cleanliness

Ice bins or ice containers should be cleaned out approximately once a month.  You should have your staff empty all the ice from the container and wash out the bin with mild soapy solution.  See the manufacturers user guide for details. 

Ice Handling

  • Clean ice Scoops regularly
  • Store ice Scoops outside the bin in covered container
  • Wash hands before placing into ice bin
  • Never scoop with Glassware
  • Never scoop with Styrofoam cups
  • Empty ice out once per month and clean inside ice bin

Dirty Heat Exchanges in your Equipment

  • Decrease ice machine production
  • Decrease refrigeration temperatures in refrigerated boxes
  • Decrease life on equipment components such as the compressor
  • Increased energy consumption

 A routine maintenance plan will help take care of these types of problems and keep you equipment operating as efficiently as possible. Contact us if you have any service or maintenance questions. We are happy to help.
Why a Maintenance Program?

  • Unit cleanliness
  • Peace of Mind
  • Not having to remember to schedule maintenance
  • Equipment reports
  • Cost effective
  • Discount services and repairs

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