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Commercial Ice Machine and Refrigeration Repair for Food and Beverages 


Just like the single ice machine maintenance agreement....
       Except we'll handle all your refrigeration equipment.

  • Improved Efficiency
  • Peace of Mind
  • Reduced Energy Consumption
  • Discounts 
  • Priority Customer Care
  • Clean equipment

Our program is designed to help optimize unit performance, increase unit life, and to help reduce unit failures.  Routine maintenance so you don't have to worry or remember to call. 

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Ice Machines: 
Most manufacturers, usually, provide a three year parts and labor warranty on all components with an additional two years (parts only, no labor) on the compressor and evaporator(s). 

Reach-in Coolers and Freezers: 
Generally have a one year parts and labor warranty on all components with an additional four years (parts only, no labor) on the compressor. However, recently, many have increased this to three years parts and labor, with an additional two year compressor only warranty.

NOTICE:  All though the warranty information above is usually standard it is best to check with the units warranty document or the unit manufacturer. 


Unfortunately, warranty will not cover any maintenance related issues.  Below are few examples of maintenance issues that might cause equipment failures. 

Example 1:  Clogged water filters can limit or stop water supply to the ice ice maker and stop or slow its ice production. 

Example 2:  Minerals from the water will deposit inside your ice maker effecting critical sensors and stop up orifices causing poor performance and eventual the unit failure.

Example 3:  A clogged water drain in your reach-in cooler causes water to spill onto the floor or inside your unit. It can even begin a freeze build-up and prevent air flow.

It is IMORTANT to have your equipment regularly checked, cleaned, and tuned.  This will increase equipment life, optimize performance, and help prevent inconvenient and/or unnecessary failures.  


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