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Five Guiding Tips To Consider Before Buying Restaurant Equipment

Now that the cake is cut at your lease signing ceremony and you are well on your way to setting up your very own restaurant, it is time to go restaurant equipment shopping and a little store hopping. E-hopping on the Internet is also a great bay to locate qualified restaurant suppliers. Either way, acquiring any type of commercial food preparation equipment requires some careful planning because your final bill will cross the thousand-dollar mark sooner than you think. You should have the potential and the ability to operate your restaurant in the best possible style. From infrastructure to furniture, from price to services and from food to presentation, everything should be letter perfect prior to your launch day. Always aim to satisfy your guests at all levels. Besides the infrastructure, kitchen equipment plays an imperative role in the success of your entrepreneurial venture.

The Research Factor

Buying restaurant equipment is much like buying a car except that instead of researching only one product, you are actually researching multiple products simultaneously. Visit restaurant equipment websites and learn how to read and understand product specifications. If the online restaurant equipment store has a telephone number listed on the website, seek the assistance of a knowledgeable salesperson that knows the food preparation equipment business well. If there is a restaurant equipment store located within driving distance of your restaurant or residence, pay them a visit.

5 Tips to Keep in Mind before you Embark on your Mission

Selecting the right Utensils
Carefully select the utensils you will be using to cook at your restaurant as the taste of the
cuisine you will ultimately serve will depend greatly upon the preparation and cooking method and therefore the cooking tools you acquire. If you are planning to use induction cooking ranges at your restaurant, there are special kinds of commercial cookware you will have to purchase which your salesperson will explain to you. Try to purchase the most sturdy and durable pots and pans of different shapes and sizes from your equipment dealer. You obviously don't want to run out of any of your cooking and prep tools when your restaurant is full.

Check the Product Warranty
Purchase the industrial kitchen equipment you need from a reputed company. If the purchase is made with an overseas-based company, make sure that the company has a factory authorized store, showroom, dealership or branch in the country. Ensure the quality of the appliance before its purchase by carefully examining its track record and technical specifications. Verify the repair agreement and warranty of the appliances you are planning to acquire. Warranties are complex legal documents and if you experience any difficulty in understanding them, take them to someone who does. Look for exclusions and the fine print too.

Code Compliance and Adherence to Commercial use Safety Standards
Bearing in mind the safety standards which govern your community, buy the best quality gas stoves, ovens, microwaves, refrigerators, deep freezers and other
commercial kitchen appliances essential for successful restaurant operation. Before making the purchase, find out whether the restaurant equipment is code compliant. This information is usually available for your city or county's health, fire and safety departments. Ask the fire department or the food inspector who serves your jurisdiction to check compliance levels for you. You should always purchase your restaurant equipment from authorized entities. Call the manufacturer and verify the dealer's credentials before making the purchase.

Energy Efficient Restaurant Equipment
When making your rounds of restaurant equipment dealers online or offline, select cooking appliances that not only have a reputation of high quality but are also clearly labeled as being energy efficient. A reliable and eco friendly benchmark to consider is the Energy Star label awarded by the US federal government. Very often, local utility companies are able to provide excellent resource information regarding energy ratings and so checking with them prior to placing an order is a good idea.

Check the Terms and Conditions of Delivery
While calculating costs, check the delivery rates of different manufacturers or dealers. Many online dealers offer free delivery of the appliances you purchase from them. This can actually save you hundreds of dollars depending on the size and the weight of the appliance. Examine the terms and conditions of the delivery and inspect the appliance thoroughly before you sign any release documents.

Buying restaurant equipment does not have to be a stressful experience. It can actually be fun if you plan it well, take the necessary precautions and become an educated restaurateur first. If you follow these tips, you will not end up making an investment that will give you heart burn down the road. Rather, you will b able to provide your dining guests with a premium quality dining experience, which is after all, your primary mission.
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Choosing Your Refrigeration Equipment

Food safety is always a concern in restaurants, so restaurant refrigeration is always important. If your fridge isn't working right or just doesn't have enough space, forcing you to leave things out longer than they should be, it's time to look at walk-in coolers and other refrigeration equipment. Commercial restaurant equipment should be upgraded when necessary to keep your kitchen running smoothly. From commercial
freezers in the kitchen to glass door freezers in a cafeteria, it's important that you select the best quality.

There are many different brands, but you should be aware of some of the most important areas, such as what the coolers are made of and whether or not they are using the best equipment.

Whether you need a cooler or a freezer, commercial
restaurant equipment is worth the investment since it is designed to withstand the rigors of daily restaurant life. When you choose your commercial freezers, whether glass door freezers or solid, it's important to look at the construction of the equipment and the materials being used to build it.

Urethane foam is the best insulator on the market and this is what should be used in the refrigeration equipment that you select for your restaurant. This foam is very sturdy and also thick and solid to prevent cold from leaking out. This will help your overhead cost since a
fridge that is not well insulated can leak a lot of cold and in a hot kitchen, that means a much higher electric bill as the cooler tries to maintain the set temperature.

The seal on the door is also a very vital part of the construction. It needs to seal on its own and easily. Most of the time, in a busy restaurant kitchen, people are running back and forth, moving very quickly. It's easy to miss shutting a door properly, so you want one that will shut on its own and seal well to keep the cold in. Again, a faulty or poor quality seal can cause a jump in the electric bill. Inspect this carefully. It should be a vinyl gasket, as these tend to seal best.

By choosing refrigeration equipment that utilizes the best materials, you ensure that your investment is for a reason. You shouldn't need to worry about problems or anything breaking down for years to come when you have started out with the best.

Custom Fridges

If the refrigeration equipment that you've looked at just isn't quite what you need, then you might want to consider custom designed walk-in coolers. This type of restaurant refrigeration allows you to create the fridge that best fits your existing floor plan. You can work with those odd angles and bothersome corners to create a space where things can chill without worries. Opt for a glass door cooler and your employees will be able to see instantly where the item that they need is located.

Be sure that any custom cooler you order is measured for carefully. The last thing you want is to move it in only to find that it doesn't fit right. In most cases, the standard sizes will work just fine, but the custom built option is always there, should you need it.

Whether you are looking for glass door freezers or coolers, commercial restaurant equipment is usually of higher quality than non-commercial. For example,
commercial freezers will stand up to a lot more abuse than one designed for home use. This is important sime most restaurant refrigeration is going to be used often. Walk-in coolers are often opened hundreds of times a day, particularly if you have refrigeration equipment where the clients can grab their own drinks or sandwiches. This can take a heavy toll on the equipment, so invest in something sturdy and strong enough to make it for years.
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