• Four (4) routine services calls per year, once every third (3rd) month
  • Cleaning, inspections, adjustments, and operational diagnosing
  • Priority customer care when breakdowns happen
  • Improved efficiency and production
  • Discounts on any repair service calls

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ice machine maintenance program


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our planned maintenance program

An ice machine is a food producing piece of equipment and sometimes they can be overlooked when it comes to cleanliness and maintenance. The two most common things we find is slime and scale buildup. These buildups can effect critical senors and ice making components that will slow or stop an ice machine's production. These contaminants can also fall with the ice ending up with the finished product. Other contributing factors of these problems is yeast from baking and beer products nearby, as well as not having water filtration. We recommend servicing your ice machine once every third month at a minimum for cleaning and component service. Our planned maintenance program can help you reduce equipment failures, increase the life of your equipment, and provide you with reduced rates when repairs are needed. 

Along side your ice machine are your other important refrigeration pieces, such as your walk-in cooler and freezer, prep-table refrigerators, and reach-in freezers. Refrigerated food equipment take a lot of daily abuse and should be routinely serviced. Most all units have coils and drains that need to be cleaned. We commonly find that food particles and debris get clogged in many places and cause water leaks and poor air circulation. All vital components should be checked and service on regular basis, which is why we recommend our planned maintenance program. With the multi-equipment plan we package up all your refrigeration and set you up with a planned routine to get your equipment on track for better functionality. 

multi-equipment maintenance program

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